Languages Arts and the Common Core

March 22, 2013

Below are links to the things we discussed in our session. If you have a question, contact me at wenzloff (the @ sign)
Also, I mentioned reading books on US Presidents. You can find my notes at I have formatted the information as bullet points so students can't copy and pastes paragraphs.

Learn how technology can help meet the goals of the Common Core.We will share lessons, projects and key technologies that we have used with students. The presentation will focus on language arts, but the ideas can be applied to other subject areas. Learn how technology can motivate students to meet the goals of the common core.



Informational Literacy

Get REAL Read, Evaluate, Author, Links(In and out of the site.)
Resources on Info Lit

Diigo (Online Bookmarking)

Common Core - elements we think are supported by these activities.

Student Based Projects

Weebly, Wix, or your own site.
The Book Thief

Emmett Till

Wiki Wikispaces, WetPaint, Google

Population Growth

The Students' History

Blogs WordPress, Kid Blogs

The Clem - Town Legends example



See my page on Podcasting for help.

Distance Learning - Skype

—Goals – Access to Presentation Information
—Information Literacy
—Student Based Projects