Elementary Focus

Google Maps


Example 1: Willard Elementary -
Going Green Project

Example 2: Fifth Grade (Canada) make sure to click on all four pages show at the bottom of the map. Even though it is Canadian Social Studies it is a nice teacher created resource. Would work with interactive white board.

Example 3: Where Have You Been

Example 4: Student created map on plants around the world.

Example 5: Google Lit Trip - We All Went on Safari
(Under K-5- http://www.googlelittrips.org/ have download in upper right corner. Link to book sample.)
Created by 1st grade teacher.
Google Map Plug in’s

• Creating your own map

  • Creating a “map story” movie using Jing.


Show part of Bob Sprankle’s students on podcasting. How to podcast.

Second Grade Example - http://secondgrade.podomatic.com/

Room 208 - Bob’s Class.

  • Vocaroo - http://www.vocaroo.com/ (Simple one click recording.)
  • Audacity - Free - See my wiki page titled podcasting for more information.

Other fun Audio Recorders
  • Voki.com
  • Blabberize

Custom Search

Helping students and parents locate resources.

Blogging or Wiki’s

Blogging Platform -http://kidblog.org


How to get comments on your students' writting:
  • Publicize your site to parents and teachers
  • Join Twitter and post request with #comments4kids
  • Search the web for student blogs and try to find a partner class.
  • Publicize and post your blog on http://comments4kids.wikispaces.com/
  • Contribute-when you leave a comment leave a link to your class blog
  • Email me a link to your blog and I will post it to my Twitter list and perhaps show it in my presentation.
  • Don't be discouraged. It takes time.

Kindergarten wiki http://cwojtera.wikispaces.com/ good example of Glogster also.

Additional Sites
BrainPop - Text Preparation
http://www.pinkydinkydoo.com/ primary
Mind mapping
  1. Inspiration Web based:http://mywebspiration.com
  2. http://bubbl.us click on start and then create an account.



Skype - For world and local connnections