Things to Consider

Analog to Digital

What resources are available?

What search queries would help me find them?

Who might my students be able to connect with beyond my classroom?

How might they connect?

What tool(s) best fit here?

How will they collaborate?

How will they share their work?

What RSS feeds might I want to subscribe for information?

What cross-curricular connections can be made?

What creative outlets might students want to use?

Audience for their work?

Is there learning taking place?

How can you tell? (Rubric)
Level 1 - Traditional Lesson

Level 2 - Technology used to automate or simply present same material electronically

Level 3 - Introduction of Web 2.0 Tools - Work being published to the Web

Level 4 - Students beginning to collaborate with others locally

Level 5 - Collaboration with others across the nation or world

Level 6 - Lesson/Project has gone global, student work is thriving and building legacy.


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