Building Learning Communities
We now have tools to build and strengthen our learning communities. We have the opportunity to provide our students with authentic assessment relationships over the web that can help dramatically improve student motivation. We can take advantage of the communication tools the Internet provides, such as Twitter, Skype, blogs, Instant Messenger, video conference or email. Explore ways to motivate your students and connect them to the global community.

Twitter, Social Bookmarking, Nings, RSS, and Blogs
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Simple Changes
Kindergarten: Flat Stanley
Twitter - Comments4kids (

Publishing for an Authentic Audience

Fifth Grade Blog - Bankok
Middle School - The Clem

Collaborative Writing-note taking
Google Docs


Grandma is on the Computer Screen - NY Times
Skype an Author Author Background
Skype an Author - Video
Science with NASA - Virtual Fieldtrip
Skype for Educators - List of people who will connect

More Distance Learning


Fifth Grade Book Reports - Online submission

What about Audio?
Podcasting for the World

What about Video?

Additional Opportunities
Global School House